The Influence of Nias Language to Bahasa Indonesia
Author: Ingatan Gulö
Publisher: Universitas Atma Jaya
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-602-8474-28-3
File: 327kb pdf
As one of languages in Indonesia, Nias contributes to the variation of both accent and dialect of Bahasa Indonesia spoken mostly in the northern part of Sumatera. It is a unique language and its existence enriches Indonesian cultures and linguistic heritage. When speaking Indonesian, many Nias native speakers who live in Nias Island and those who live in the areas close to the island ‘puts some colors’ in the language. This is an analytical-qualitative paper resulted from observations on how Indonesian is spoken by those whose mother tongue is Nias in different areas. The paper shows how and in what areas of linguistics Indonesian is influenced by Nias. The influence covers issues like stress position, pronunciation, deletion or addition of consonant sounds in the end of syllables, and grammatical order. The interference of the factors discussed, however, depends on the speakers’ ability and frequency in speaking Indonesian. Many Nias native speakers have mastered Bahasa fluently and face no linguistic interference at all.

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