101 Words You’ll Never Learn at School
Publisher: reallife english
Pages: 55
Format: PDF
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One of the problems with school is that they teach you language as if you were learning
so that you could write a textbook. They don’t recognize that most language is spoken
much different than the “proper” way it’s written.
Even the spelling of certain words like “going to” and “want to” are often spelt
phonetically (gonna and wanna) in informal dialogs like SMS, email, and Facebook.
The most important part of learning a language is to be able to communicate with your
fellow human beings. Here we have compiled 101 words and sayings that will help you
communicate, understand, and express yourself as if you were a native speaker.
The English language is a beautiful, expressive language that uses many idioms and
phrases. While this can make the language beautiful for native speakers, it can very
difficult for non-natives to be able to understand.
The Western world emphasizes individuality which tends to bring into existence
different slang ways to say the same thing, although they usually have slightly different
Slang is some of the most interesting parts of learning a new language as it gives color,
vibrance, and creativity.
Slang is also some of the most useful words to know and understand if you want to
master the language.
Included in this ebook are 101 of the most common words and expressions that you
will never learn in school.

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