Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Talking 2nd Edition
Author: Diane Lindsey Reeves, Lindsey Clasen
Publisher: Ferguson Publishing Company;
Date: 2 edition (August 1, 2007)
ISBN-13: 978-0-8160-6553-0
ISBN-10: 0-8160-6553-5
Age Range: 10 and up
Grade Level: 5 and up
Pages: 192
Format: PDF
Size: 4.43 Mb
The ability to communicate clearly and eloquently is a desirable trait in our fast-paced world, and for kids who possess the gift of gab, jobs requiring top-notch verbal skills are plentiful and accessible. Completely redesigned and updated with current information, “Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Talking, Second Edition” helps kids find their voice and guides them on how best to apply those skills to careers in fields such as broadcasting and speech pathology. This easy-to-use guide provides step-by-step self-assessment and profiles various jobs young people may wish to explore further. The career discovery activities have been expanded, and a closing section discusses further options, making this a useful guide for readers pondering their future plans. The career profiles include: air traffic controller; broadcaster; hotel manager; news reporter; publicist; retailer; speech pathologist; and telemarketer.

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