Dinosaur Train (1 seson 39 episodes)
Publication date: 2009-2011
Format: AVI
Size: 12 Gb
Source languages: English
Маленький любознательный тираннозавр Бадди отправляется вместе со своей приемной семьей Птеранодонов в гнезде которых он вылупился на поезде динозавров проходящем через магические тоннели времени в причудливый мир доисторических джунглей, болот, действующих вулканов и океанов, чтобы встретиться с их обитателям.

The show is set in a whimsical prehistoric world of jungles, swamps, active volcanoes and oceans, all teeming with dinosaur and other animal life, and connected by a train line known as the Dinosaur Train. This steam-engine train is customized for dinosaurs of all kinds: windows accommodate the long-necked sauropods, there’s plenty of headroom in the Observation Car for the larger theropods, and the Aquacar is an aquarium for sea-going passengers. The train itself is run by Troodons (who get to run it because they’re the smartest dinosaurs, as they often explain, and have nimble toe claws to punch the tickets). The Dinosaur Train circles the whole world—it even crosses the oceans and inland seas, with stops to visit undersea prehistoric animals. It also has the ability to visit the entire Mesozoic Era, the “Age of Dinosaurs,” passing through magical Time Tunnels to meet the dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods.

01. Valley of the Stygimolochs / Tiny Loves Fish
02. The Call of the Wild Corythosaurus / Triceratops for Lunch
03. Beating the Heat / Flowers for Mom
04. I’m a T. Rex! / Ned the Quadruped
05. One Smart Dinosaur / Petey the Peteinosaurus
06. Fast Friends / T. Rex Teeth
07. Now With Feathers! / A Frill a Minute
08. One Big Dinosaur / Play Date with Annie
09. Armored Like an Ankylosaurus / Campout!
10. Laura the Giganotosaurus / Dinosaur Poop
11. Derek the Deinonychus / Don’s Dragonfly
12. One Small Dinosaur / T. Rex Migration
13. Hootin’ Hadrosaurs! / Surprise Party
14. The Theropod Club / Hatching Party
15. The Old Spinosaurus and the Sea / A Spiky Tail Tale
16. Night Train / Fossil Fred
17. Dinosaurs in the Snow / Cretaceous Conifers
18. The Burrowers / Shiny’s Sea Shells
19. King Cryolophosaurus / Buddy the Tracker
20. The Old Bird / Diamond Don
21. Dinosaur Camouflage / Family Scavenger Hunt
22. Have You Heard About the Herd? / Jess Hesperornis
23. Triassic Turtle / Tank’s Baby Brother
24. Erma Eoraptor / Under The Volcano
25. Pteranodon Family World Tour / Gilbert The Junior Conductor
26. Confuciusornis Says / Tiny’s Tiny Doll
27. Iggy Iguanodon / Shiny Can’t Sleep
28. Kenny Kentrosarus / Don And The Troodons
29. Long Claws / Tank’s Sleep Over
30. New Neighbors / Don’s Collection
31. The Wing Kings / The Big Mud Pit
32. Buck-Tooth Bucky / Tiny’s Tiny Friend
33. An Armored Tail Tale / Pterosaur Flying Club
34. Great Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet! / Hornucopia!
35. The Good Mom / Diamond Anniversary
36. Elmer Elasmosaurus / Dinosaur Block Party
37. Paulie Pliosaurus / Elmer Visits the Desert
38. Carla Cretoxyrhina / Train Trouble
39. The Amazing Michelinoceras Brothers / Dad’s Day Out

Format: AVI
Episodes 4,5,7-13,15
Quality: HDTVRip
Video: 720×480, 29,970 fps, XviD, 1640 kbps
Audio: ENG, MP3, 48 KHz, 2 ch, 192 Kbps
Episodes 1-3,6,14,16-39
Quality: WS.DSR
Video: 624×352, 23,976 fps, XviD, 1076 kbps
Audio: ENG, MP3, 48 KHz, 2 ch, 128 Kbps

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