Early Language Development with Sleepy Fred (for iPad only)
Author: Alana Noakes
Date: 2015
Format: IPA
Size: 43.1MB
Version: 1.2

This app is all about a young duck called ‘Fred’. Listen to his animated story ‘Is It Time For Bed?’ and then play the interactive learning levels together. Learn routine bedtime actions (i.e. washing, eating, brushing etc.) and 35+ early developing nouns (3+ nouns are beautifully illustrated on each story page).

This application was written and developed by Australian Speech Pathologist, Alana Noakes, to fill a gap within the iPad application market for comprehensive and research-based early language development applications.

This application supports vocabulary (both action words and nouns), and comprehension development, by utilising a research-based approach to language learning, in a series of fun, interactive and engaging activities.

Included with the animated story book, your child has 6 different learning levels to complete including;

Level 1. Matching 35+ nouns

Level 2. Identifying 35+ nouns
(i.e. touching the target picture when asked ‘Find the cat’.)

Level 3. Labelling 35+ nouns
(i.e. Answering the questions, ‘What’s that?’ or ‘Who’s that?’)

Level 4. Identifying functions
(i.e. ‘Find something that drives’ or ‘Find something that we eat’)

Level 5. Identifying categories
(i.e. ‘Find an animal’ or ‘Find a item of clothing’)

Level 6. Identifying parts of an object or animal
(i.e. ‘Find something that has a tail’ or ‘Find something that has wings.’)

This application is suitable for for range of children including;
-Children with age-appropriate language skills, aged 2-3 years old.
-Children with language delays (with or without a disability), aged 3-8 years old.
-Children who are learning english as a second language, 2-8 years old.

Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. Your device needs to be jailbroken.

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