There are different areas where you can communicate on this website. You have the chat, comments, mail and the forum. Naturally in all of these areas you have to use the rules of common decency, use respectful language, no trolling or flaming, and so on.


Communication in the CHAT:

see chat rules here:


Communication in COMMENTS:

Comments are only for communication on that particular post. You can write in the comments that you like a post, or add things there that help the post (like bringing the audio to a post that has only book). We have no need for negative comments. If you think something is wrong, just do it better and add, all the while appreciating the efforts and time spent by the uploader. So criticism is fine, but only when it is constructive. Not doing so may result in a (temporary) ban.
You are allowed to add mirrors in the comments (to help – not for money making). In some areas comments may be held for moderation. This is just a standard procedure and normally the comment will be approved asap. We have added the LWS uploader especially for this purpose. Please use it for all your links on this site.


Communication in MAIL:

Under “contact” (in the menu or in the bottom of this website) you can communicate with us. You can use email, or use the contact form there.

Our e-mail –


Communication on the FORUM:

You see a number of categories in the forum. All of them have a short explanation. So you should have a good idea what goes where. Any questions, just contact us.
The forum is only accessible when you are logged in to the website. They are not open to the outside  world. 
Under each thread you see a button “add reply”. Use that to add your reply to a thread. Use “add topic” if you want to create a new thread yourself. New members will be moderated until approved.

For more news and updates on the site check out this link:

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