How to download from Rapidgator?

To download in free mode check this video please:


I want to download faster – what should I do?

If you want to download at full speed (and have multiple downloads at the same time – no waiting), then you might consider getting a PREMIUM account on Rapidgator.
There are various ways to get a premium account. One of the ways to get a premium account is especially nice for, because it will send part of the money to us so we can continue keeping this site getting better.

These are the steps to follow:
1. go to and register a free account there. Then login to the account.

2. take any rapidgator link from any post on this website and go there (example: click on the rapidgator link in that post
and you will get this screen:

You see the green button “high speed download”. Click on that button.

Now you will get all kind of payment options. If you get a premium this way, part of the money you pay for that account to rapidgator  will come back to us here.

Thank you in advance for helping us!

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