On language.ws you will find that the links to download from are usually on filehosts. There are many different filehosts like turbobit, filefactory, depositfiles, and the list goes on.

Such a link on a filehost does not live forever. It can get deleted from the filehost for many reasons. A common reason is: links from free filehosts expire (mostly 30 or 90 days after the last download).

So I found a dead link, what should I do next?

At the moment we do not have enough effective (no helpful users) or time to re-upload any dead links. If you found one, sorry, tough luck.

You can check if there are other filehosts on that post that still work. In that case there is no problem because you can still download.

You can try to contact the original uploader maybe, by pm, and ask for a re-upload.
But please, do not ask for a re-upload in the chat!

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