NB: New users are kindly asked to send the first additions by email, to contact@language.ws.


For CONTRIBUTORS there are several ways to publish new posts *. The easiest way is with the + New Post button on the left side of the toolbar (it appears at the top of your screen when you’re logged in to Language.ws).

Simply click + New Post and you’ll be taken to the new post screen:



You can also create and publish posts with the dashboard editor. Simply go to Posts → Add New from your dashboard:

Posts - Add New

As before, you’ll be taken to the new post screen above.

Now,  start filling in the blanks: enter your post title in the upper field, and enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it. Fill the infos for Author, Publisher, Date, Pages, etc. And above the Download button, the details of the book, etc.

As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post. At anytime, you can click on Save Draft to keep your work saved.

Adding a Picture: First, upload your picture to http://language.ws/pictures. After you uploaded it, get the link for the image. Then, select the “Picture URL” text on top of the editing box, and click on the button Insert/edit image, as below:

Now, paste the image link in the popup window, click OK, and the image will be centered into the post:

And the result:

Finally, you need to provide a link to your post.**  In the bottom, double-click or select the word Mirrors and click on the button Insert/edit link, as below:

Enter the destination URL in the pop-up windows, and press OK.

You can Preview your post and make changes. When you are ready, click Publish or Submit for Review.

* Administration can upgrade the account to that of CONTRIBUTOR if needed.

** Just add any link we can download from. The link will be replaced by links of the administration anyway so no need to add more than one link.

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