We now have a special tool for those users who wish to help us with re-uploading dead files.

As we have explained before, the site ‘lives’ from the links, so we need to make them ourselves. But you can help find them and upload them to this re-uploader, which would help us a lot. Also, we don’t have any real databases, which means that some posts are hard to find back.

In the bottom of each post, there’s a Deposit Files uploader. Just use the uploader to upload the file and then post a comment with that link and some info on the link (size, format). After that we can do the rest if needed.

The proccess is very simple, just click in the uploader, then Browse in your files.


Click in Upload, and wait till it finishes.


Finally it will generate the Download Link, which can be copied and posted in the comments.

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