Before you can participate on you will need to register. On the top left of the site you will see a part called “login”. There you will see a link “register”. Click on “register”and you will see the screen below.

Fill in your desired username, your REAL e-mail address, mark “I have read and understood the rules above”, the solution to the math question, and click on the blue button “Register”. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Check your e-mail (if you do not see the e-mail then also check your spam folder please) – and then login to the site with your username and password.

Sometimes users manage to register with an unacceptable username. Be aware that your account can/will be disabled at any moment, without any warning.

And some people think they need several accounts… Again, be aware that your accounts can/will be disabled at any moment, without warning.

Usernames like ‘EnglishTeacher’ ‘DutchTutor’ etc. are considered hidden marketing and are not accepted. Such accounts will be disabled.
If you would like to promote your online teaching endeavours, please contact us about an ad on the site. We have special offers for teachers.

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