Posts should not contain a password. There are still a number of older posts that contain a password in the archive. In such a case, please inform us by using the orange ‘report content’ button.

When you want to post -you must use a link(s) that can be easily downloaded by this administration as your link(s) will be replaced by our links.

Use only this link for inserting post pictures /pictures/ . Other hosts are not allowed.

Fiction books are not allowed, with exception of graded readers, bilingual reading books and children’s books up to the age of 8. Comic books are allowed as they are good for language learning.

Magazines: Magazines that are related to language learning are allowed, as well as magazines that have a general interest for language learners (culture, history, etc.). Travel magazines not really, unless there is extra cultural info that is interesting, like nat geo has specials on countries.

As the actuality of magazines has a limited time-span, they will not be re-upped after the link dies. With exception of magazines directly for language learning (i.e. vocable, hot english, etc.)

Newspapers: Can be posted but only in limited amount. And they will not be brought back when the links expire.



You are not allowed:

– to ask for money,
– to offer to sell or buy anything or
– to organize groups in order to make a group purchase.



In principle any language is allowed in the chat, considering though that it is meant for communication. Using languages that most people do not master might cause exclusion and that is not the idea. So use this option carefully. Our chat is a public chat, for all users. Anyone can join, participate and add to a ongoing conversation at anytime. Site administration will use mainly English for communication.

It should be clear and understood that our chat is not meant as a marketing place for other sites. Do not link to other sites! Exceptions are Amazon and Google, youtube sometimes (a link a day maybe, but we’re not a radio station either) and to some informative sites maybe (like BBC or such maybe, although those are meant to be posted in the forum, not in the chat).

Special options of the chat are exclusively for use of the site administration.

  • Rule 1… be polite! Respect each other and yourself.
  • Rule 2… no links to other sites, no gossiping, trolling or spamming and requests should be made in the forum. Do not ask for mirrors in the chat, there is a button for that in each post.
  • Rule 3… site administration is (almost) always right

Failure to follow the rules might result in a chat ban (see Chat Ban).



Not following the chat rules might result in a one-week chat ban as a warning. If the problem persists the warning will become a permanent chat ban. Coming back with another nick during ban results definitely in a permanent ban. While having a chat ban you can not use the chat. You can still download from the site.



Not following the rules can result in a ban as a warning. If the problem persists the warning will become a permanent ban. Coming back with another nick during ban results definitely in a permanent ban. You can not access the site anymore when you have a site ban (no downloads, no chat, no forum).

The site blocks IPs and/or diables accounts of users who have broken our rules, cheated, or have created multiple accounts. Also ‘collectors’, those users who download not by the dozens but by hundreds, will be blocked.
If you’re unlucky enough to assume the same IP as a banned user, there’s nothing we can do. We do not remove ip bans so don’t ask!


Why can’t I use a proxy on your site?
It is our policy not to allow new accounts to be opened from behind a proxy.
Any account found using a proxy to mask real ips (this includes TOR proxies) will be disabled and banned.

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