Advanced Learner’s English-Hindi Dictionary
Author: Hardev Bahri
Publisher: Rajpal and Sons, Delhi
Date: 2007
Plates: 1211
Format: PDF
Size: 89.5 MB
Quality: Very good
Language: English, Hindi (in Devanagari only)

The Learner’s Hindi-English Dictionary (1st edition, published 1982) has been so very popular that it has encouraged and emboldened the editor, in spite of his old age and decayed health, to prepare a Learner’s English-Hindi Dictionary also. It contains many more words and much more lemmata.

It is wrongly believed that a bilingual dictionary aims to teach the target language.
But the editor believes that it should teach both the languages. This one has been designed with this purpose in view. It is meant to improve the linguistic knowledge of an English reader and a Hindi reader alike.

Most dictionaries give pronunciation, grammar and meanings. But modern trend in lexicography is to provide a great deal more, particularly in a bilingual dictionary. It has to illustrate declensions of nouns and pronouns, and if necessary, as in Sanskrit or Hindi, of adjectives, and inflections of verbs. It should cover all the grammatical forms and categories, and show their uses in phrases and/or sentences. In fact, it is a usage dictionary. Read within, for examples, turn, great, good, help.

This dictionary gives copious examples of declensions and inflections, in Hindi and English. Which nouns take particular adjectives or verbs, which adjectives collocate particular nouns, which verbs have particular adverbs to qualify them — this kind of information should be provided. See, for examples, colour, fruit, good, go, cost, hide.

Even some latest monolingual dictionaries just list compounds and derivatives at the end of a lemma. But a bilingual dictionary treats them fully. Most dictionaries do give various shades of meanings. But in a learner’s dictionary, the reader expects to know the nuances in both the languages. This dictionary provides this information either within round brackets or in illustrative phrases and sentences.


The description above, taken from the book, is as charming as it is informative. Make no mistakes: This is an excellent dictionary, and even the font is very clear. I read through two-thirds of it one summer and it did marvels for my understanding of Hindi semantic fields.

This dictionary is inexpensive, but I am sharing the file because, depending on your location, it may be difficult to acquire it.

As always,the rule is: If you can get the paper copy, please do so.

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