Practical Phonetics and Phonology
Author: Beverley Collins, Inger M. Mees
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 978-0-203-08002-3
Date: 2013 3rd edition
Pages: 353
Format: PDF
Size: 7.93MB

Routledge English language introductions. Although this third edition has several additional features, many corrections and much revision, nevertheless the overall structure of the book remains the same. We saw no reason to make radical changes to what appears on the whole to have been a successful formula.
We wish once more to express our gratitude to all those, acknowledged above, who have assisted us in the past, and to the reviewers, students and colleagues who have helped us with this edition. Special thanks go to Philip Carr, Andrew Kehoe, Petr Rösel and Jack Windsor Lewis. We also want to put on record our debt to Paul Carley, Marta Dura, Alex Rotatori and Masaki Taniguchi for their contributions to the new language descriptions in Section C. In addition, we have benefited from feedback from our students – especially from participants in the University College London Summer Course in English Phonetics (SCEP) in recent years. At Routledge, we have had much help and support, and we now want to thank Isabelle Cheng, Rachel Daw, Sarah May and, especially, for overseeing the whole operation, Nadia Seemungal.
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