Ancient Greek Legends, 2nd Edition
Author: Eduard Petiška
Publisher: Publishing house Education s.r.o.
ISBN: 978-80-87781-75-3
Date: 2013
Pages: 460
Format: EPUB
Size:  10.2 Mb

This book, probably the most famous of Petiška’s works, was written when he did not believe that the communist regime would ever allow him to write for adults again. He conceived it as a “novel about life in Bohemia” – about Czech hopes and despairs, the gods representing particular political ideologies or attitudes. This archetypal narration is probably the reason the book is a worldwide success. It is not merely a simple retelling of ancient myths – it is a compact account of human life and character. This message is understandable in all the many languages it has been translated into (including German, English, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, and Estonian). In France it had been published twenty five times by 2011, and was part of school literature curriculums.
Ancient Greek Myths and Legends was the key work of Petiška’s literary production. This theme, which other writers overlooked because they perceived it as too elaborate and trivial, became the basis of his career; he became a favorite storyteller for both children and adults, narrating about pressure and happiness, fidelity and betrayal, and about the brevity and potential of life.

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